Friday, February 11, 2011


This winter has been a little crazy with all of the snow. I honestly don't remember any winter with this much snow growing up. Global warming, huh? 2 days ago we got 7 inches here in Conway! In NWA they had 18 inches! GEEZ! We aren't much into playing in the snow yet, so we just enjoyed some lazy days at home.

The snow started coming down Wednesday morning. I went into work, saw one patient, and was sent home. I got straight in my pjs and spent the day with my hubs and my baby girl! Thursday was another snow day and it was GREAT! I never got out of my pjs and never put on makeup!

Today was back to work. It was actually not nearly as busy as I expected! The 2 snow days were a nice break to our busy winter season!

In the last snow, we got some pictures of Ashlynn in the snow, and she wasn't really crazy about it so we decided not to even mess with it this time. We did put her hand in the snow and she HATED it! She screamed more than she has in a while! It took her a minute to calm down too!! I'm sure she will grow out of it when she's older and can have fun in it.

Who knows...maybe we will get more, maybe we will wait til next winter!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love your children

Today I witnessed something so heartbreaking. I saw a grown man talk to a toddler in such a terrible way. It truly broke my heart. I had a hard time saying anything, so I had someone else address it, and that was hard enough.

It made me want to love on Ashlynn even more. How someone can talk to a child in such a hateful way is beyond me. I love my daughter and want her to always know that. I want her to feel love and learn to love others.

I see a lot of things that make me sad for other children and other families, but this was beyond what I've seen up to this point. I know these things go on far more than I would like, but I hope to never witness it again.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome back!

Wow...its been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I've written a new post. I believe its been since before Ashlynn was born.'s going to be ONE in a couple of weeks! YIKES!

Being a mommy is INCREDIBLE! It definitely has its challenges, but Ashlynn is worth every minute! There are no more spontaneous outings, late dinners, or other things we used to be able to do, but we wouldn't change it for the world!

Ashlynn is such an easy child. She has always gone to bed early (around 6-7) and sleeps a good 12-13 hours a night. Granted, she still wakes up once to eat, but she goes right back to sleep. She is so happy and HILARIOUS! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter!!

For her birthday we are planning to have a monkey party. She has monkeys in her room decor, and has many monkey toys. The theme is so cute and our cake is going to be even cuter! We registered for her gifts today at Laura's Family Goods. Its this new store in town with the cutest kids toys and home decor. Ashlynn probably won't have a clue who gave her what and could probably care less about a party, but will play with her toys until she is worn out! She LOVES to play and she plays HARD!

As for me, I'm FINALLY done with school and studying! I graduated in December with my Masters in Nursing and a week and a half ago I passed my APN boards! HOORAY! I'm working at Central Arkansas Pediatrics as a Nurse Practitioner there and love it so much!

I'll try to do better at posting now that I don't have to study! I still keep up with others' blogs, just haven't really had time for mine...That will change! :)