Friday, February 11, 2011


This winter has been a little crazy with all of the snow. I honestly don't remember any winter with this much snow growing up. Global warming, huh? 2 days ago we got 7 inches here in Conway! In NWA they had 18 inches! GEEZ! We aren't much into playing in the snow yet, so we just enjoyed some lazy days at home.

The snow started coming down Wednesday morning. I went into work, saw one patient, and was sent home. I got straight in my pjs and spent the day with my hubs and my baby girl! Thursday was another snow day and it was GREAT! I never got out of my pjs and never put on makeup!

Today was back to work. It was actually not nearly as busy as I expected! The 2 snow days were a nice break to our busy winter season!

In the last snow, we got some pictures of Ashlynn in the snow, and she wasn't really crazy about it so we decided not to even mess with it this time. We did put her hand in the snow and she HATED it! She screamed more than she has in a while! It took her a minute to calm down too!! I'm sure she will grow out of it when she's older and can have fun in it.

Who knows...maybe we will get more, maybe we will wait til next winter!