Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Deal With It

So there are so many obnoxious things that come along with pregnancy, but its all for a good reason, right? I've been having these back pains for A WHILE! The one I've had the most I know is normal, but before my last appointment, I was having a different pain in my lower back. It was more sharp, stabbing, than what I expected with pregnancy. I figured I would ask my OB/GYN about it at my appointment, and I asked if it was just something I would have to "deal with." She said "yep, you're just gonna have to deal with it." Unfortunatley, Daniel was there for that appointment, and has loved to torture me with "just deal with it" everytime I have a complaint. FOrtunately, he laughs after he says it, and I do too...

So other than the back pain, heartburn, feeling like a whale, and other assortments of pregnancy woes, things have been fantastic. I am so happy to be pregnant and can't wait to bring Ashlynn into this world.

I've been pretty healthy, and so has our Princess, but being in my Pediatric clinicals, I knew that there would be extra germies I was exposed to. My preceptor is fantastic and made me wear a mask every day in the clinic so that I wouldn't have as much direct exposure to the germs. She kept me from going into see the patients with flu as well. IN addition to the clinical precautions, Daniel and I have watched where we go, trying not to be around a lot of people in small spaces, etc. But...even with all of that, I got the flu! :(

Yes, flu...most likely H1N1 since thats about all thats going around at this point. I was really nervous because of all of the pregnant women in ICU and dying from complications, etc. However, my wonderful OB/GYN called me in some Tamiflu on a SUNDAY so I could get better. She probably regrets giving me her cell phone number, but she is incredible and I couldn't ask for a better doctor! I also did my Women's health clinicals with her and was able to learn so much!

Daniel did NOT use the "just deal with it" while I had the flu. He was as sweet as could be. He gave up golf so he could stay home and take care of me. He's so wonderful!

Monday I have my next OB/GYN appointment. Daniel will be out of town and the parents and in laws aren't coming, but, my best friend, Holly gets to go! I'm so excited that Auntie Holly will get to see little Princess! She's already spoiling her and she's not even here yet! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


HaleeBurch said...

What about going to the chiropractor for the back pain? Would that help? I hear they have special procedures and tables for pregnant women.

Rachel Cox said...

Sorry about your back pain... bummer!! Hopefully it will get better... that is one major bummer about pregnancy, back pain without being able to use all the traditional methods to treat it! :-(

Heather said...

Hi there! I am so glad you found my blog and now we can be "blog buddies!" I can't wait to see your precious little girl!!! :)

prashant said...

Thank you more for being so honest! Can't wait to meet this baby!

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